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Concurrent Technologies SY TR2/525 – VPX Development System



  • Supplied with Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 board
  • Connects to four PCIe-based peripheral boards without a switch
  • Optional support for conduction-cooled boards
  • 4U high, 41HP wide VPX Development System
  • Built-in AC power supply and cooling fans

SY TR2/525 is a ready-to-use, cost effective 3U VPX development system for applications that need a high performance processor directly linked to up to four peripheral boards.  The processor boards supported include Concurrent Technologies’ TR G4x/msd or TR C4x/msd server boards with up to 12-cores, 64GB DDR4 DRAM and 1TB of storage.  The system is configured so that the processor board communicates with each of the peripheral boards via a dedicated x4 Gen 3 PCI Express link without the use of a switch board.  SY TR2/525 is suitable for desk and lab usage, is configured by default for use with air-cooled boards but has the option for rails suitable to mount conduction-cooled boards.

TR G4x/msd and TR C4x/msd can be supplied with a front I/O module, additional external connectivity including 10G Ethernet can be provided using the AD TR1/x11 Rear Transition Module.

Datasheet SY TR2/525


AD TR1/x11 – Rear Transition Module

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