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Parhelia is your partner for Industrial Embedded Systems and Boards.

"It's not about what we have, but what you need."

Parhelia is an independent company and was established in August 2004. Initially as an extension of the activities of a Chicago (USA) based Export Trading and Management Company.

This company exports products globally. Parhelia is able to offer these best in class products and services from innovative companies located in North America. Meanwhile Parhelia established valuable relations with Asian companies as well.

We are specialized in:

  • Embedded systems

  • Embedded hardware

  • Obsolete hardware

  • High-End computing

  • Cameralink

Our core business

The core activity of Parhelia is to support both manufacturers and customers with various services, rather than just selling a product into the market. Parhelia offers a non-traditional way of distribution, including logistics services, channel management, business development and shared service centre. This creates the ability to lower the cost price in favor for the buyer and therefore making his position more competitive.

Embedded systems

Parhelia delivers products for the Embedded market. Primary customer base can be found in various markets like Telecom, Medical, Aerospace and Defense, Medical, Industrial Automation, Transportation, Access Control, Semiconductor Processing Equipment and Automated Test equipment.

These customers demand long term availability of Embedded hardware products. These products are based on AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC, MicroTCA, VMEbus, CompactPCI, PCI, PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC), IndustryPack modules, PIM modules, PC/104 Plus, EBX and EPIC form factors.

Purchasing services

As a result of our “Art of Cooperation”, Parhelia is the preferred purchasing partner for a growing number of companies. In a process to reduce cost, time and the number of suppliers, purchasing departments rely on Parhelia for a part of their purchasing process. This can be contract negotiation and purchasing including the administrative and financial handling.