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SENSORAY Model 2601 I/O Communication Module

SENSORAY Model 2601 I/O Communication Module


  • Ethernet gateway for 2600 series I/O modules
  • Four COM ports for remote serial devices
  • Supports up to 16 I/O modules in any combination
  • Integrated safety interlock circuitry
  • Fast boot time: ~1 second
  • DIN rail mountable

Model 2601 is a communication hub for the 2600 series of I/O modules. It employs a standard Ethernet interface, enabling simultaneous access to the I/O system by up to four network clients. An embedded, high-performance UDP/IP stack works together with a lightweight error recovery protocol to guarantee reliable packet delivery without the overhead of TCP. The embedded real-time operating system and application firmware boots up in approximately one second.

Up to sixteen I/O modules, in any combination of types, can be connected to the 2601. When multiple I/O modules are connected to a 2601, it is possible for hundreds of I/O points to be monitored and controlled through a single Ethernet connection. Larger data acquisition and control systems can be built using several 2601 modules and an Ethernet switch.

Low-cost, optically isolated data links are used to communicate with I/O modules. This reduces cost by making it unnecessary for each I/O module to have an expensive Ethernet circuit. Optical isolation helps to eliminate problematic ground loops that can diminish operational reliability and cause equipment damage.

2601 module layout

SENSORAY Model 2601 layout

Serial Ports

Four general-purpose serial ports are provided to enable network clients to monitor and control devices such as barcode scanners and motor controllers. Each port is independently configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 operation, with standard data rates up to 115.2 Kbaud.

Interlock Circuits

Integral support is provided for up to five independent interlock or emergency stop circuits. An innovative routing system allows interlock signals to be directly connected to the 2601, which in turn distributes the signals to its I/O modules. This makes it possible to achieve fail-safe operation without the complex wiring and external terminal blocks typically required for interlocks. The 2601 monitors the interlock signals and can report their status to Ethernet clients.


Each I/O module connects to the 2601 with a standard Category-5 patch cable. This cable delivers power to the I/O module and it carries the optically-isolated communications between the 2601 and I/O module. Some I/O modules (e.g., model 2652 eight-channel Solid State Relay module) also require a 2600C1 daisy-chain power cable for interlock circuit connections.

Modular System

A wide variety of I/O modules are available in the 2600 series. Each module type provides an abundant amount of a specific, feature-rich class of I/O. For example:

  • Model 2608 measures voltage and thermocouples and has up to eight analog outputs.
  • Model 2610 has 48 general purpose digital I/Os with debounced inputs and PWM output capability.
  • Model 2653 interfaces sixteen solid state relays, with built-in interlock support.
Model 2601 I/O Communication module
Model 2608-0 Analog I/O Module, 16-in/0-out
Model 2608-4 Analog I/O Module, 16-in/4-out
Model 2608-8 Analog I/O Module, 16-in/8-out
Model 2610 48 digital I/O, 5VDC to 24VDC
Model 2612 4-channel RTD/Load Cell Interface Module
Model 2620 4-channel Counter/Incremental Encoder Interface Module
Model 2652 8-channel Solid State Relay I/O Module
Model 2653 16-channel Solid State Relay I/O Module
Model 204 24 V 120 Watt power supply
I/O Module (IOM) Interfaces
Number 16
Fuse Socketed, 500 mA, per IOM
Serial COM
Number, type 4, full duplex
Physical layer RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485, selectable per port
Baud rate 300 to 115.2 kbits/s
Ethernet 100BaseTx, 10BaseT
Protocols IP, UDP, ICMP, ARP
Commands/sec Up to 1000
Power and Environmental
Input power 24 VDC, 130 mA (not including IOMs)
Operating temperature -20 to 70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 10.125 x 4.87 x 1.5 inches; 257 x 124 x 38 mm
DIN rails 35 mm
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