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SENSORAY Model 2620 4-channel Counter/Incremental Encoder Interface Module

SENSORAY Model 2620 4-channel Counter/Incremental Encoder Interface Module


  • Interfaces 4 advanced 32-bit counters to Ethernet
  • Quadrature decoders for incremental encoders
  • Removable terminal blocks for direct field wiring
  • Supplies 5V power for encoders
  • Connects to Ethernet through 2601
  • DIN-3 rail mountable

Model 2620 is a modular, four-channel counter/timer interface that connects to Ethernet through a 2601 communication module. It has four advanced 32-bit counter channels that can directly interface to incremental encoders as well as single-clock sources. Network latency is mitigated by providing timestamps along with all counter values read by the host computer. Model 2620 is a member of the 2600 series of smart I/O modules.

Several 2620s can be connected to a single 2601

SENSORAY Model 2620 application

Field Wiring

Four inputs are provided on each channel: enable, index, and two clocks. The clock and index inputs accept both differential RS-422 and single-ended TTL/CMOS compatible signals. Each channel has one output signal that can be used for PWM or pulse generation.

All field wiring is connected directly to the 2620 via removable terminal blocks, which are supplied with the module. These eliminate the need for external terminal blocks and make module installation and removal a snap.

Pinout of removable terminal block

SENSORAY Model 2620 Pinout of removable terminal block


Each counter channel can be independently configured to implement any of these popular functions:

  • Incremental encoder interface. The quadrature clock decoders have programmable x2/x4 clock multipliers that increase counting resolution for quadrature encoders. A counter can be forced to a preset value in response to a trigger signal on the index input or through software.
  • PWM generator. Any channel can be configured to produce a periodic output with a programmable period and duty cycle.
  • Pulse generator. An output pulse can be generated in response to a hardware or software trigger. The pulse duration is determined by a value in the preload register.
  • Frequency measurement. An internal time gate generator is provided for frequency measurement applications. Frequency can be measured by using the internal gate generator or an external gate signal.
  • Pulse width measurement. The width of a digital pulse can be measured when connected to the index input.
  • Period measurement. The period of a digital signal can be measured by connecting it to the index input.
Modular System

A 2620 module can be connected to any of the sixteen IOM (I/O module) ports on the 2601 with a low-cost category-5 patch cable, which provides all operating power and communication signals needed by the 2620. All inter-module communication circuits are optically isolated to prevent potentially disruptive ground loops.

Resolution 32 bits
Counter channels 4
Count rate 10 MHz, maximum
Input clock frequency maximums 2.5 MHz (quadrature x4)
5 MHz (quadrature/mono x2)
10 MHZ (quadrature/mono x1)
Derate for deviations from 50% duty cycle
Internal clock 10 MHz
Mode of Operation Measurement Ranges
Incremental encoder 0 to 10 MHz
Pulse generator 100 ns to 214 s
PWM generator 100 ns to 214 s
Single pulse width measurement 100 ns to 214 s
Period measurement Up to 10 MHz
Freqency measurement Up to 10 MHz
Input/Output Signals
Clock input RS-422 differential
TTL/5VCMOS compatible
±7V CMV maximum
Index input RS-422 differential
TTL/5VCMOS compatible
±7V CMV maximum
Count enable input TTL/5VCMOS compatible
Counter output TTL/5VCMOS compatible
Device Power Outputs
Output voltage 5VDC, ±5%
Output current 400mA maximum, total for all channels
Fuse socketed 500mA fuse per channel
Mating Connectors
IOM port (qty 1) RJ-45 plug, AMP 554169 or equivalent
Counter I/O (qty 4) Pluggable TB, 10-pin, RIA 31166110 or equivalent
(included with module)
Operating range 0 to 70 °C
Input power
(not including external device power)
+24V, ±5% (at 30mA)
Outer dimensions (W x H x D): 4.1 x 5.0 x 2.0 inches, including DIN mounting frame
Depth is specified with respect to surface of DIN rail support panel
Additional clearance required for field wiring

A variety of I/O module types are available, each with a specialized function:

Model 2601 I/O Communication module
Model 2608-0 Analog I/O Module, 16-in/0-out
Model 2608-4 Analog I/O Module, 16-in/4-out
Model 2608-8 Analog I/O Module, 16-in/8-out
Model 2610 48 digital I/O, 5VDC to 24VDC
Model 2612 4-channel RTD/Load Cell Interface Module
Model 2620 4-channel Counter/Incremental Encoder Interface Module
Model 2652 8-channel Solid State Relay I/O Module
Model 2653 16-channel Solid State Relay I/O Module
Model 204 24 V 120 Watt power supply
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