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EDT Combo 3

EDT Combo 3
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The Combo 3 is a mezzanine board that pairs with an EDT main board (for PCI or PCI Express) to support multiple standards. It supports E3/T3, ECL, LVDS, or RS422 signals and processes communications serial data for complex, user-defined applications.

For details on system requirements and EDT-provided software driver packages, see specifications for your EDT main board (PCI GS, or PCIe8 LX).

Note:The Combo 3 uses EOL parts of which we have limited supplies on-hand; therefore this product, while still available to ship in limited quantities, is nearing its end-of-life. Support for E1/T1 has been retired in the Combo3 board due to changes in parts availability. Support for the Combo 3 on PCI SS mainboards is no longer available. The E1 line interface unit (LIU) on the original Combo 3 mezzanine board is being retired because of parts discontinuance by suppliers. We wanted to let you know about this change and how we are supporting our customers who use this board. First, we are now offering a new, lower-cost version of the board, identical to the original except without E1 support. We encourage you to consider switching to this “no E1” version, at a price lower than that of the original board. Second, we still have parts available to fulfill reduced order levels of the original Combo 3 with E1 support. However, if you foresee an increased need for this board, let us know and we’ll research options to support that need for you.