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EDT PCIe8 LX Main Board

EDT PCIe8 LX Main Board


  • Main board (for an 8- or 16-lane PCIe slot) — provides an EDT mezzanine board with DMA, programmable FPGA resources, and memory
  • Alternatively, can be used as an accelerator board (with no mezzanine board)
  • 221 LVTTL programmable signals connected to mezzanine board (if used)
  • FPGA: One programmable Xilinx Virtex 5 (LX / FX / SX) + connectors as below.
    – LX: XC5VLX110T (or optional 220T or 330T) + QSH or optional ATA
    – FX: XC5VFX100T (or optional 130T) with two PowerPC 440 processors + QSH
    – SX: XC5VSX240T + QSH
  • SRAM: 8 MB
  • DRAM (DDR2): 0 or optional 1 GB or 2 GB
  • Clocks: Four independent programmable PLL clock generators

The PCIe8 LX is a fast, flexible x8 PCI Express board with large memory and FPGA resources, making it an ideal choice as a hardware accelerator. It also has PCIe DMA capabilities and can be used as a base board for an EDT or third-party I/O mezzanine board.

The PCIe8 LX provides the following features:

  • One large programmable Xilinx FPGA (Virtex 5 LXT or FXT)
  • Powerful high-speed DMA (up to 1.6 GB per second)
  • DRAM of up to 2 GB (DDR2 SODIMM)
  • SRAM of 8 MB
  • Four independent PLL clock generators, each of which can be set to select frequencies from 1 to 45 MHz with less than +/- 50 ppm error

The PCIe8 LX has an industry-standard connector to support either a user-provided module or a variety of EDT mezzanine boards. If used without a mezzanine board, a mechanical/fan daughterboard should be used, to provide cooling and mechanical (backpanel) support.

Datasheet PCIe8 LX Main Board

An EDT ATA Bridge can be ordered to link two main boards together.

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