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The OCMP (formerly OCM) is a mezzanine board that pairs with an EDT main board (for PCI or PCI Express) to support 1GbE (electrical or optical), SONET OC3/12/48 (SDH STM1/4/16), or both.

The OCMP has two volt-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs), either programmable or settable to multiple frequencies. It also has two small form pluggable (SFP) transceivers. Each SFP supports 1GbE (electrical or optical) or OC3/12 (STM1/4), and one also supports OC48 (STM16). The board has up to 2 GB of DRAM for snapshot recording and data buffering.

For details on system requirements and EDT-provided software driver packages, see specifications for your EDT main board PCI GS or PCIe8 LX.