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From the start, EDT has aspired to provide limitless interface performance for people working at the leading edge of research, industry, and technology.

Founded in 1987 by President David Lowry and Vice President of Engineering Chet Britten (both now retired), EDT first set new standards with single-slot interface boards developed for the Sun SPARCStation.

In November 2005, EDT became part of HEICO Corporation. HEICO is engaged primarily in certain niche segments of the aviation, defense, space, and electronics industries through its HEICO Aerospace Holdings Corporation subsidiary (based in Hollywood, Florida) and its HEICO Electronic Technologies Corporation subsidiary (based in Miami, Florida).

Today EDT supports a wide range of computer-to-computer and computer-to-device links through an extensive line of PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PMC and AMC interfaces. EDT boards, systems, servers, and auxiliary products provide speed and reliability for applications throughout the scientific, commercial, and military communities.

EDT also provides specialized product design and consulting services. This kind of flexibility means we frequently adapt our products to meet the needs of scientists and engineers worldwide. And our service philosophy has always ensured that customers can communicate directly with our engineers, who are as committed to their work as you are.

When you choose EDT, we ensure that you receive products which exceed expectations, along with the best customer support in the industry.