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Concurrent Technologies Rhea - VME processor Board



  • 4-core and 2-core Intel® Atom™ processor x7000 series
  • 16 Gbytes DRAM with in-band error correction
  • On board solid state disk option
  • Up to 2 x PMC/XMC module interfaces for local I/O expansion

Rhea is a low-power consumption VME board with a wide spread of I/O interfaces that has been designed for long life-cycle applications.

A brilliant replacement for existing systems with the latest generation processor from Intel®, we are continuing to provide an excellent VME option for our customers with a long life span for their wide variety of needs.

Both a 4-core and 2-core processor options allow for both performance and power optimization, in addition, 16 Gbytes DRAM with built-in error correction allows for an increased memory integrity whilst ensuring precise data storage and enhancing reliability.

Easy to access controls with an I/O interface including SATA, USB, Ethernet, graphics, GPIO, audio, and serial supporting a wide variety of legacy connections by default for a wide variety of needs at a glance.

Datasheet Rhea

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