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Silicon Control PMC650 PMC Analyzer

Silicon Control PMC650 PMC Analyzer
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Silicon Control introduces an economical analyzer and exerciser for PMC systems. This 3rd generation PMC analyzer combines high performance hardware   with a sophisticated and intuitive software interface. The result is a powerful diagnostic tool for bus analysis all on a single plug-in card.

The PMC650 analyzer provides a multitude of functions to help you analyze your system.

  • Capturing bus activity using sequential triggers and filters
  • Exerciser to perform memory, IO and configuration cycles
  • Stimulus generation for hardware simulation
  • Anomaly detection of protocol and timing violations
  • Performance analysis of utilization, transfer rates, latency, statistics

If you need to debug, integrate or test a PMC system or component, the PMC650 family of advanced bus analyzers quickly and accurately pinpoints problems, identifies performance issues and tests for compliance.


650 System Analyzer/Exerciser