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Concurrent Technologies AD PP5/011 – Rear Transition Module



  • 6U CompactPCI Rear Transition Module
  • Compatible with PP 91x/x1x and PP 81x/09x processor boards
  • Graphics output from Eizo Rugged Condor™ XMC graphics module
  • Ethernet, SATA and USB interfaces

The AD PP5/011 Rear Transition Module is designed to be used with the Concurrent Technologies PP 81x/09x and PP 91x/01x CompactPCI® Processor board family combined with an Eizo Rugged XMC graphics card. The Transition Module mounts in the rear transition area of the CompactPCI backplane and provides straightforward access to the majority of the I/O functions provided on the processor board, plus independent DVD-I and DVI-I connectors for the XMC module outputs. Many I/O interfaces are accessed through the Transition Module’s own front panel and the remainder from headers mounted on the Module.

  • Interfaces to processor board via J3 and J5
  • 1 x DVI-I and 1 x DVI-D connectors for graphics output from Eizo Rugged Condor™ XMC module
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet via RJ45 connectors on Transition Module’s front panel
  • 2 x SATA interfaces
  • 3 x USB interfaces, 1 supporting optional on-board Flash Drive Module
  • PMC I/O via on-board 68-way connector
  • RS232 serial port via front panel connector
  • Optional High Definition Stereo audio module
  • External reset, system fan monitor and general purpose user I/O via on-board 10-way header

Datasheet AD PP5/011

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