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Concurrent Technologies PP B7x/msd and PP B8x/msd – CompactPCI Processor



  • 6U CompactPCI Processor Board
  • Based on 6-core Intel® Xeon® Processor E-2176M
  • Up to 32 Gbytes of DDR4 ECC memory
  • Two XMC/PMC modules slots for local I/O expansion
  • Local storage options

PP B7x/msd and PP B8x/msd are single-slot air-cooled CompactPCI® boards, allowing customers to easily migrate to the latest generation of Intel® processors for improved performance and longer system lifecycles. PP B7x/msd supports workstation processor performance with enterprise-class graphics capabilities using an Intel® Xeon® E Processor. PP B8x/msd is a lower-cost board using a 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor. Both boards have two PMC/XMC sites for I/O expansion mezzanines and have a wide variety of built-in graphics, networking, USB and other I/O ports.  They have a site for an optional SATA flash disk module, PCI Express based M.2 module and can also support a 2.5-inch SSD instead of one of the PMC/XMC sites.

Datasheet PP B7x/msd and PP B8x/msd

Datasheet CB 60D/145

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