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SENSORAY Model 7409TC / TDIN Breakout Board, 40-pin, with CJ Sensor and Prototype Area

SENSORAY Model 7409TC / TDIN Breakout Board, 40-pin, with CJ Sensor and Prototype Area


  • Connects 8 sensors to any SENSORAY smart sensor interface board
  • Supports 4-wire sensor connections
  • Screw terminals for easy field wiring
  • Eight removable terminal blocks
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Cold-junction transducer for thermocouples
  • Prototyping area for custom circuitry

SENSORAY's model 7409TC and 7409TDIN termination boards make it quick and easy to connect sensors to any of our Smart A/D sensor interfaces. Both models have removable screw terminal blocks, a temperature sensor, a generous prototyping area, and special signal conditioning area circuitry for thermocouples. The 7409TC is designed for panel mounting, whereas the 7409TDIN can be mounted in seconds by snapping it onto a DIN rail. Both models employ a 40-pin header to connect to the sensor interface board.

Removable Connections

Each of eight sensor channels is supported by a removable terminal block that has five screw terminals: two for voltage input, two for sensor excitation, and one for shield. Field wires need only be stripped and secured to the terminal block.

Thermocouple Reference

An integral temperature sensor provides a reference signal for thermocouples. This sensor uses a dedicated input channel so that all eight sensor interface channels remain available for external sensors. The thermocouple reference sensor is factory calibrated so that termination boards may be painlessly interchanged.

Prototype Area

A matrix of plated-through holes on 0.1-inch centers is available for custom circuitry such as attenuators, filters and isolation amplifiers. All sensor signals, as well as power, are conveniently brought to this area.

Signal Conditioner

A thermocouple signal conditioner, consisting of a low-pass filter and open-sensor-detection circuit, may be connected to any channel by installing option shunts.

SENSORAY Model7409TC dimensions 

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