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Concurrent Technologies TR K9x/6sd-RCx – Rugged 3U VPX Plug In Card



  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor and 16/32GB DDR4 DRAM
  • Integrated GPGPU for AI and image processing
  • PCI Express data and expansion planes for connection to accelerator boards
  • XMC site for additional compute or I/O resources
  • Direct-attached solid-state storage option

TR K9x/6sd-RCx is a rugged 3U VPX™ I/O Intensive Plug-In Card designed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard.  It is based on an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor which has up to 4 CPU cores mated with up to 32 Gbytes of soldered DDR4 DRAM with in-band Error Correction Code for high-performance general-purpose compute tasks.  The Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics integrated into the product adds up to 96 Execution Units for AI and acceleration when utilized by an OpenCL, one API, or OpenVINO™ application.  Extra processing or I/O can be included within a single slot via the onboard XMC site which means that the product can be easily reconfigured for specific application needs.  Connectivity to the XMC site and the backplane data and expansion plane connections is via a PCIe switch with a non-transparent port and DMA capability, allowing for SWaP-optimized multi-processor solutions without the need for a separate PCIe switch. In addition, TR K9x/6sd-RCx supports a number of rear connections for easy development and deployment including Ethernet, DisplayPort, and USB.

Datasheet TR K9x/6sd-RCx

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