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Concurrent Technologies TR L9x/6sd-RCx – Rugged 3U VPX Plug In Card



  • Up to 8-core processor for high-performance
  • Up to 100G Ethernet Data plane
  • PCI Express Expansion plane for high-speed communication with adjacent board(s)
  • XMC site for additional I/O resources
  • Optional M.2 module for storage with Write/Protect and Opal 2.0 compliance

TR L9x/6sd-RCx has been designed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard for I/O intensive processor boards.  There are two processor options: an 8-core solution fitted with the Intel® Xeon® W-11865MRE processor; a 4-core solution fitted with an Intel® Xeon® W-11155MRE processor.  Both of these processors come with an integral GPGPU engine with 32 Execution Units which can be used for display or acceleration purposes using OpenCL™, OneAPI, or OpenVINO™ for image processing or Artificial Intelligence.  TR L9x/6sd-RCx is the first processor board from Concurrent Technologies to support up to 100GBASE-KR4 Ethernet capability which makes it suitable for many future applications needing high throughput communications.  TR L9x/6sd-RCx supports a range of standard security capabilities including Boot Guard, Total Memory Encryption, and is fitted with a Trusted Platform Module for key storage.  In addition, Concurrent Technologies offers an additional Guardian Package for enhanced security.

Datasheet TR L9x/6sd-RCx

Datasheet AD TR1/x13

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