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SENSORAY Model 7409TB Breakout board, 40-pin, with temperature sensor

SENSORAY Model 7409TB Breakout board, 40-pin, with temperature sensor


  • Connects 8 sensors to any Sensoray smart sensor interface board
  • Supports 4-wire sensor connections
  • Screw terminals for easy field wiring
  • Cold-junction sensor for thermocouples
  • Small size-4.6" by 2"

The SENSORAY Model 7409TB provides a low-cost interface between sensor field wiring and any Sensor A/D or D/A board. It simplifies field wiring by breaking out flat cable to screw terminals.

Thermocouple Reference

A temperature sensor on the 7409TB supplies a dedicated ninth channel with a measure of the temperature at the cold end of thermocouples. 7409TB boards may be painlessly interchanged because each cold-junction sensor is individually calibrated.

Field Connections

Five screw terminals are available for each channel: two for voltage measurement, two for sensor excitation, and one for a shield. Field wires need only be stripped of insulation, inserted into the terminal receptacles, and the screw tightened for a secure connection. A 40-pin header on the back side of the board facilitates panel mounting.


The board is rigidly constructed from 1/8-inch thick FR-4 material to prevent flexing caused by heavy gauge field wires.

Input power, excluding output drive current +12 to 15 VDC (at 30 mA)
5 VDC (at 40 mA)
Operating temperature -25 to +85 °C
DAC resolution 12 bits
Channel update rate 10 kHz per channel
Output linearity 0.03%
Output Modes
Voltage +10 V
Current 4 to 20 mA
Special (configured at factory) 0 to 5 V
0 to 10 V

 SENSORAY Model 7409TB dimensions

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