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Concurrent Technologies SY TR3/526 – VPX Development System



  • 4U high, 41HP wide VPX Development System
  • 6 Slot 3U VPX Power and ground backplane
  • Supplied with one Fat Pipe backplane cables
  • Optional support for conduction-cooled boards
  • Built-in AC power supply and cooling fans

SY TR3/526 is a flexible solution for customers starting VPX™ projects based on Concurrent Technologies’ processor boards.  This system allows the user to create their own point to point backplane interconnections by using the supplied cables instead of forcing the use of a custom backplane.  SY TR3/526 is suitable for desk and lab usage, is suppled as standard with rails for air-cooled VPX cards.  Rails that allow conduction-cooled boards to be installed are available as accessories.

Datasheet SY TR3/526

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