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SENSORAY Model 2446 Streaming video server

SENSORAY Model 2446 Streaming video server


  • Full screen graphic/text overlay with transparency
  • SDI-HD/SD, SD, DVI video output formats
  • SDI-HD/SD, SD video input formats
  • Real time SD video compression
  • Full resolution snapshots with freeze-frame
  • Analog pass-through on power loss
  • 19-inch 1U rack mountable
  • Low latency

Model 2446 is a rack-mountable streaming video server that compresses one HD or SD video input, and one synchronized audio input, into MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 format and transmits it via transport stream over Ethernet using UDP or RTP protocol. The host computer controls the server over Ethernet.

Four video outputs are available: SDI-HD/SD, DVI, composite, and S-VIDEO. All outputs are available simultaneously.

Audio may be sourced from embedded SDI audio, external audio line in, or external microphone signals. Audio can be output to embedded SDI, line out, MPEG stream, or any combination of these.

Real time hardware compression is performed by Sensoray's model 2246. The encoded video is playable by commercial set top boxes such as the Amino and open source software like VideoLan.


When operating under appropriate network conditions, the video into the 2446 can be encoded, transmitted, and displayed by a remote network decoder in less than one second.

On-Screen Display (OSD)

Model 2446 supports text and graphic overlays at 16-bit color resolution. Eight overlappable, hardware-managed regions are supported. Each rectangular region may occupy up to full screen size. Any true-type font can be displayed. Graphics can be displayed from standard .bmp files as well as generated on the fly by Sensoray's 2446 API. The API allows graphics to be easily placed and moved anywhere on the screen. Real-time update rates are possible for small overlay regions, while update rates for larger regions vary depending on computer speed and Ethernet activity.

Image processing

The 2446's scan converter guarantees the DVI output will be synchronized to LCD displays. 25 frame-per-second PAL sources will be displayed at the highest LCD refresh rate. Video compression can be done on both HD and SD sources; HD sources are downscaled to SD prior to compression.

Power requirements 120 VAC
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19.00 x 12.00 x 1.75 inches
Video inputs
HDTV 1920 x 1080 SDI
1080i 25/30 fps
Video formats supported
SDI input specifications
Maximum serial input data rate 1.485 GB/s
Maximum serial input voltage swing 950 mV/p
Input impedance 75 Ω, single-ended
NTSC 640 x 480, 30 fps, ±1 V/p
PAL 704 x 544, 25 fps, ±1 V/p
S-Video 1.18 V/p (when load is 75 Ω)
Channels 2 stereo
Analog input voltage 1 V/p
Input resistance 1 kΩ, single-ended
Video outputs
DVI for LCD displays 60 Hz, 1280 x 1024 display supported at all input resolutions
Maximum DVI output voltage 3.475 V
DVI output voltage swing 400 to 600 mV/p
ESD (HBM) 4000 V
Composite 1.25 V/p (when load is 75 Ω)
S-Video 1.18 V/p (when load is 75 Ω)
Maximum SDI Serial output data rate 1.485 GB/s
Maximum SDI Serial output voltage swing 880 mV/p
SDI Output impedance 75 Ω, single-ended
Image processing
Compression types MPEG-1 320 x 240
MPEG-2 704 x 544
Scaling 1080i/720i to D1 for MPEG compression
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