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EDT VisionLink F4 CameraLink frame grabber | XMC



  • Camera Link PCIe x4 interface fits single width XMC carrier board
  • Provides two SDR26 connectors for one or two base mode cameras,
    or one medium to extended full mode camera
  • Supports data rates up to 850 MB/s total in a PCIe Gen2 slot
  • Captures and displays images in real time, via DMA to host computer
  • Provides onboard region-of-interest control
  • Supports line and frame triggering over camera control (CC) lines
  • Supports external trigger inputs via external connector
  • Includes IRIG-B123 timecode input via external connector
  • Heat chamber testing optional

The VisionLink F4 XMC is a Camera Link frame grabber for XMC with two SDR26 connectors for up to two cameras in base mode, or one camera in medium to extended full mode (up to 850 MB/s total in a PCIe Gen2 slot).

The single width XMC board is compliant to VITA 42.0, 42.3 standards.

Image capture and display is in real time via DMA to the host computer, with onboard region-of-interest (ROI) control.

Line and frame triggering are supported internally via standard camera control (CC) lines, or externally (opto-coupled) via external connector. Similarly, IRIG-B123 timecode input is available via the external connector. Standard Camera Link serial communication also is supported.

Provided with the board are drivers for supported operating systems and a software development kit that includes C language libraries, examples, utilities, image capture and display GUI, camera configuration files, and Camera Link standard DLL for camera control.

Datasheet VisionLink F4 XMC

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