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Darveen DPM-1120C/DPM-1120R 12.1″ Capacitive/Resistive Industrial Touch Monitor



  • 12.1″ LCD Capacitive / Resistive Touch
  • DVI and VGA
  • Compact Structure, Front Panel IP65
  • All Metal Structure Design, Durable
  • Support Panel And VESA Installation

Darveen's DPM series industrial touch monitors do have a modular and all-metal structure design, which has good seismic resistance and durability, as well as excellent heat dissipation and rust prevention. With its stable system architecture, Darveen's products have excellent performance in industrial applications. Users can choose 4:3 and 16:9 multi-size display screens to meet various applications of industrial automation.

Datasheet DPM-1120

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