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SENSORAY Model 3101 LVDS to HD-TVI converter

SENSORAY Model 3101 LVDS to HD-TVI converter


  • Transmits HD-TVI video (up to 1080p30) on a single coax cable
  • Drives long cables: up to 1000 feet
  • Pass-throughs for camera power and serial COM
  • Compact size facilitates direct-to-camera and space-limited mounting
  • Powered from 12 VDC
  • Special order item; minimum quantities apply

Model 3101 is a stand-alone board that converts the parallel LVDS outputs from an HD video camera to HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface), thereby making it possible to transmit the video over a single coaxial cable of up to 1000 feet in length. It is supplied as a compact, bare board to allow it to be directly mounted on top of the camera or to fit into any nearby, convenient location in space-constrained applications.

SENSORAY Model 3101 blockdiagram

A single, external 12 VDC supply provides all necessary operating power for both the camera and 3101 board. The board routes power to the camera, and also includes a connector for pass-through serial communication. Alternatively, the camera's serial communication signals may be routed to the board's VBI data injector/extractor, thus allowing the camera to be controlled over the HD-TVI coaxial cable.

The board employs a 30-pin KEL type connector to convey all camera signals and power. To interface the camera, simply connect it to the 3101 board with a 30-conductor micro coaxial cable (not included). The connector pinout is compatible with industry-standard block cameras such as Sony's FCB-EV7520A.

SENSORAY Model 3101 mounted on a block camera

Video formats 1080p 30/25
720p 60/50/30/25
Signal type LVDS
Connector 30-pin KEL or equivalent
Cable (not included) 30-conductor micro coaxial cable
Signal type HD-TVI
Connector Mini-coaxial
Serial COM
Signal type TTL logic levels
Input power 12 VDC
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