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SENSORAY Model 2267 USB 2.0 SDI video + audio capture device

SENSORAY Model 2267 USB 2.0 SDI video + audio capture device


  • HD/SD video capture from SDI
  • Captures uncompressed 1080p30 with very low latency
  • H.264 HP@L3 / MJPEG video compression
  • AAC audio compression
  • Unicode text and graphic overlay
  • UVC compliant
  • USB 2.0, bus powered
  • Compact and lightweight: 60x27x10.4 mm, 23 g

Model 2267 is an ultra-compact and lightweight USB device that captures SDI video and audio. It accepts HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p30, transforms (resize/mirror/rotate) and adjusts frame rate as desired, adds user-defined overlays, compresses it to H.264 or MJPEG, and transmits it over USB. At the same time, it will simultaneously generate and transmit a low-latency uncompressed preview video stream.

Audio can be captured from SDI or from a microphone or line source. Audio may be sent uncompressed, or it may be compressed and multiplexed into a transport stream along with compressed video, or both simultaneously.

SENSORAY Model 2267 blockdiagram

Video processors

Dual video processors and compression engines allow the input video to be split and simultaneously processed as two independent streams. Video processing functions include image resizing and mirroring, frame rate decimation, and overlaying qualified regions with graphics and text. This dual-stream capability is essential in many applications, such as when a high quality stream is required for recording while another stream of lower resolution, bit rate, or both, is needed for mobile device viewing or transmission over bandwidth-limited networks.

Stream formats

Each compression engine independently performs MJPEG or efficient, high-profile H.264 video compression. In the latter case, audio is compressed to AAC-LC and the stream multiplexer outputs MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS) format. The multiplexer employs high precision hardware timestamps to ensure perfect audio-video sync on players.


The unit is a fully compliant USB Video Class (UVC) device that works with any standard UVC driver, thus eliminating the need for a custom driver and allowing seamless control through video APIs such as DirectShow and Video4Linux.

Free Linux and Windows software development kits (SDKs) are available for model 2267. The SDKs include a high-performance API with popular functions such as video snapshot, recording to files (in AVI, MP4 and TS formats), overlay management and, to facilitate styled text, functions for drawing Unicode text on video overlays. Also included is a comprehensive demo program that shows off the device's full capabilities, complete with source code that serves as an ideal starting point for custom applications.

SDI Input
Data rates 270 Mbps, 1.483 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps
Standards conformance SMPTE 259M(C), SMPTE 292
Connector BNC
Input impedance 75 Ω
Maximum resolution / frame rate 1920x1080p30
Inputs Stereo line level + mono microphone
Sources Software selectable (any one may be active):
♦ SDI embedded audio
♦ Stereo line inputs
♦ Microphone input
Encoding format Video: H.264 HP@L3, MJPEG, elementary UYVY
Audio: AAC-LC, elementary LPCM
Some combinations of video resolutions may be unavailable when simultaneously capturing two video streams; contact Parhelia for availability.
Capture latency (typical) Uncompressed preview: 70 ms
Compressed: 120 ms
Interface USB 2.0 High-speed
Power USB-powered
Temperature Operating: -20° to 70° C (active cooling may be required)
Dimensions 59.4 x 26.9 x 10.4 mm (excluding SDI connector)
Mass 23 g
Compatible operating systems Linux, Windows
Driver UVC video
SDK Library wrappers around DirectShow (Windows) or V4L2 (Linux) APIs
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