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SENSORAY Model 622 Video output interface

SENSORAY Model 622 Video output interface


  • Decodes and displays MJPEG images
  • Composite and S-Video outputs for VHS recorders and TV monitors

Model 622 is a video output board. Together, the included software and video output board decompress stored JPEG images and generate composite video for VHS tape recorders or for display on a TV monitor. Unlike conventional graphics boards, the 622 does not display the computer's desktop, it only displays the selected JPEG file.

The software program reads JPEG image files, decompresses and transfers them to the 622 board. A video decoder on the board converts the data to NTSC/PAL composite and S-video.

Capture & JPEG rate 30 frames/second for 640x480 NTSC
25 frames/second for 704x544 PAL
A/D resolution 9 bits luminance, 9 bits chrominance
Video inputs 16 composite inputs, 75 Ω
Video outputs 4 real-time
Hardware compression JPEG
Caption buffer 64 bytes
Digital inputs 16 TTL compatible
Digital outputs 16 TTL compatible
Frame rates
Number of camerasNTSC frames/secondPAL frames/second
1 30 25
2 15 12.5
4 7.5 6.25
8 3.75 3.12
16 1.88 1.56
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