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Red Rock Technologies RRT-6UVME-SCSI-DVD

Red Rock Technologies RRT-6UVME-SCSI-DVD
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Provides a transparent interface from the SCSI bus to the low profile DVD drive with ATAPI interface.

Modes of operation DVD-ROM, DVD-R/W, CDROM, CD. Ultra Wide SCSI interface, configurable for 8-bit and SCSI-2 operation.

Red Rock Technologies’ plug-in SCSI DVD-R/W drive module enables:

  • SCSI interface to front panel or VME P2 connector
  • Compatible with all CPUs with a SCSI controller
  • Compatible with off the shelf DVD/CD utility software
  • P2 adapter accessory available
  • Power supplied from VMEbus, no separate power supply required
  • Front panel activity LEDs
  • SCSI termination provided within the unit
  • SCSI ID selection 0 –7, 0 –15