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Red Rock Technologies RRT-1SP-LW

Red Rock Technologies RRT-1SP-LW
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Provides a transparent interface from the SCSI bus to PCMCIA ATA data storage devices and optionally an ATA 2.5" hard drive or Flash drive.

PCMCIA devices and 2.5" drive may be accessed as separate logical units; optional retainer cover holds PCMCIA cards in place.

Red Rock Technologies’ plug-in SCSI to PCMCIA Adapter module enables:

  • Removable media PCMCIA ATA hard drives and/or Flash drive and optional fixed 2.5" drive.
  • Extremely high density mass storage within the VME card cage
  • Ideal for higher shock & vibration environments
  • Compatible with all CPUs using SCSI and Ultra SCSI interfaces, single-ended and LVD.
  • No additional software is required for operation as a SCSI data storage/bootable drive
  • SCSI bus connections can be made via the P2 connector, 68-pin front panel connector, or both
  • P2 adapter accessory available
  • Power is taken from the VMEbus, no separate power supply required
  • Front panel activity LEDs
  • SCSI termination provided within unit, SCSI ID selection 0–7, 0–15