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Red Rock Technologies Multi-slot VMEbus Mass Storage Modules

Red Rock Technologies Multi-slot VMEbus Mass Storage Modules
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  • Works with with CPUs from all manufacturers using SCSI and floppy interfaces.

Hard Drive Performance

  • Ultra SCSI transfer rates
  • Average seek times to <5mS
  • MTBF up to 1,000,000 Power on Hours

Hard Drive Capacity

  • Up to 240GB in one VMEbus slot
  • Up to 600GB in two VMEbus slots

Additional Media Types Available

  • 4mm DAT Tape
  • AIT Tape
  • Floppy Drive
  • PCMCIA Adapter w/SCSI Interface

Pluggable modules enable:
Fast, efficient field replacement
Mass storage subsystem replacement within a couple of minutes…literally.
Securable data storage
Module or media may be removed for secure storage of sensitive programs and/or data.
Extremely high density mass storage within the card cage; saves space
Very beneficial in systems where space is limited and volume must be kept to a minimum.
Instant software upgrade. Install and test off-line, then simply plug in to upgrade
Hardware upgrade
Quickly add different types of drives for increased capacity and performance
Fast reconfiguration of systems
By having several mass storage modules configured with different Operating Systems, versions of OS, drivers, etc., it is possible to reconfigure your computer system for a different task in a matter of minutes by simply replacing the mass storage module.

  • One VME Slot - up to 240GB of high performance storage
  • Two VME Slots - up to 600GB

Configurations include combinations of hard drive, Flash, floppy drive, 4mm DAT tape and AIT tape. (A one slot Solid State SCSI Flash drive module is available with a capacity of up to 20.0 GBytes.)

All this is provided in standard 6U VMEbus form factor and is powered directly from the VMEbus. No separate power supply is required.

Top quality products, combined with a commitment to superior customer service has enabled us to become a leader in mass storage solutions. Our products are used in navy shipboard applications, telephony systems, telemetry ground stations, ATE applications, various industrial applications, among others.

VME SCSI Hard Drive/Tape Drive Module datasheet
RRT-3H18.2GD72G-W datasheet