Smart Embedded AXP640

Smart Embedded AXP640
Smart Embedded AXP640Smart Embedded AXP640
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  • Combine leading-edge processors with a degree of ruggedness
  • 6-slot, 7U, 19" form factor
  • All redundant field replaceable units (FRUs) included
  • Designed for high availability and SWaP-C
  • Base platform includes two 40G ATCA switches & shelf management
  • Advanced platform management software

The SMART Embedded Computing AXP640 chassis is built to the AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) open, industry-managed COTS standard to provide a platform for very dense computing and signal processing applications in military and industrial systems.

The resilience built into ATCA technology, originally directed by the telecom industry’s NEBS standards, makes it ideal for semi-rugged implementations such as shipboard, airborne, and transit-case applications. With an architecture that was designed for high availability from the beginning, ATCA systems such as the AXP640 provide the reliability and performance-assurance needed in applications such as tactical data networks and secure processing and distribution of UAV video feeds.

The AXP640 is designed to handle the highest performance processors. This superior thermal capability is achieved with a front-to-back cooling architecture when many similar COTS systems have side-to-side cooling, making it ideal for military data centers, other rugged rack mount applications and transit cases.

Compared to conventional enterprise-grade rack-mount systems, a bladed system such as ATCA offers substantial benefits for military equipment. These benefits are often branded with the SWaP-C moniker – for Size, Weight, Power and Cost.

Combined with processor blades featuring dual, multicore processors, SMART EC’s ATCA systems can be used in digital signal processing applications such as audio/speech signal processing, sonar and radar signal processing, sensor array processing, spectral estimation, statistical signal processing, digital image processing, signal processing for communications, control of systems, biomedical signal processing, and seismic data processing.

System management is provided by redundant ATCA-F140, SMART EC's industry-leading 40GbE switch blades, which have been proven in thousands of installed systems worldwide. This switch blade combines base and fabric interface switching functionality with AMC slots for additional processing and/or local storage.

The AXP1440 includes redundant shelf manager and alarm modules, redundant power entry modules (PEMs) and two fan tray modules. A variety of payload blades, AMCs and accessory products are available for the AXP1440 system depending on application requirements.

Military applications that require higher levels of resilience against shock and vibration should consider SMART EC’s ruggedized variants of its commercial-grade ATCA products.