Smart Embedded PCIE-6002

Smart Embedded PCIE-6002
Smart Embedded PCIE-6002Smart Embedded PCIE-6002Smart Embedded PCIE-6002Smart Embedded PCIE-6002
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  • Carrier for four (4) M.2 SSD modules (sold separately)
  • Supports standard servers and SMART EC MaxCore™ platform
  • Four “M” keyed M.2/NGFF sockets
  • Compatible with either 8-lane or 16-lane PCI Express 3.0 slots
  • Switchable bandwidth to each M.2 socket
  • Wide range of supported SSD form factors:
    • 42mm to 110mm
    • Double-sided
  • Supports both AHCI and NVMe protocols
  • Status LEDs for each SSD

The SMART Embedded Computing PCIE-6002 PCI Express storage card provides up to four independent SSD modules* which can be directly attached to any server CPU or up to four CPUs on MaxCore™ server cards. The PCIE-6002 card is a carrier for COTS SSD modules with the M.2 form factor and leverages NVMe technology, currently the fastest way to attach an SSD to a CPU. M.2 modules are considered mainstream for data center and consumer market and deliver outstanding size/price/performance ratio.

The PCIE-6002 payload card connects four M.2 sockets, each with a dedicated four-lane PCIe Gen 3 interface, to a PCIe switch. The switch in turn connects to the MaxCore backplane or server CPU through two four-lane PCIe Gen 3 interfaces. In the MaxCore platform the backplane can then be configured to connect individual sockets to microserver CPUs using any Gen 3 x8 PCIe slot. In a server application 1,2, or 4 M.2 SSD modules can be connected to the host CPU.

The PCIE-6002 PCIe card is targeted for applications where high-speed storage is critical. This card is particularly suited to the following:

  • Audio/video processingCloud services
  • High-performance computing
  • Relational database systems
  • Web hosting/caching/reverse proxy services

*SSD modules sold separately