Smart Embedded PCIE-8120

Smart Embedded PCIE-8120
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  • Single slot full length full height PCI express card with x4 interface
  • High performance media processing core based on power-efficient DSPs
  • Optional 2 x GbE ports (RJ45) with NAT function for direct network attachment providing server offload.
  • Comprehensive voice and video processing firmware and programmers interface included.
  • Support for 720p and 1080p video conferencing
  • Now supports Opus (used by WebRTC) and SILK (used by Skype) audio codecs

The SMART EC PCIE-8120 media processing accelerator add-in card enables high density voice and video processing to be integrated into a rack mounted server or other network appliances that have full size PCI Express slots.

Voice and video streaming is becoming more pervasive as customer demand for media consumption continues to rise, and the diversity of media sources, network conditions and individual consumption devices proliferate. Using traditional Intel® Xeon® server architectures,power and efficiency soon become a limitation when scaling to high channel density mediastream transcoding.

By employing highly efficient digital signal processors (DSP) to provide direct offload of the host CPU, the PCIE-8120 acceleration engine can take the place of additional servers when adding high density voice and video processing to an application. Network equipment providers can either add or substantially increase the voice channel or video processing density within existing systems, so reducing overall power and space demands for their equipment as it scales to higher throughput.

This board is particularly suited to the following applications:

  • Session border controllers (adding voice or video transcode)
  • Media gateways
  • Media servers/media resource function
  • Video/content optimization (transcode and transrating)
  • Video communications servers
  • Interactive voice and video response systems

Featuring up to 12 power-efficient DSPs with optimized software, PCIE-8120 can support over 7500 ports of G.729AB or six 4-party HD720p video conferences.

PCIE-8120 brings high density DSPs with embedded voice and video firmware from Octasic together with SMART EC's strong embedded system heritage and thermal design skill, resulting in an industry-leading media processing density for the next generation of voice and video processing systems.