Smart Embedded PCIE-8130

Smart Embedded PCIE-8130
Smart Embedded PCIE-8130Smart Embedded PCIE-8130Smart Embedded PCIE-8130
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  • PCIe Gen 3 x 4
  • Full- or half-length by full-height PCIe card form factor
  • Normal operation 0°C to 35°C
  • Power Requirements
    • 4-DSP HLFH PCIe Card: Est. 60W
    • 6-DSP HLFH PCIe Card: Est. 70W
    • 12-DSP FLFH PCIe Card: Est. 118W (Auxiliary power connector provided on-card)
  • Transport and Endpoint Support - Voice and video over IP endpoints
    • RTP/UDP/IP endpoint
    • IPv4 with DHCP & IPv6
    • Supports secure RTP
    • Adaptive jitter buffer
    • Supports RTCP

With the deployment of VoLTE now and Vo5G in the near future, the SMART Embedded Computing PCIe-8130 can accelerate audio transcoding in a standard PCIe slot reducing both CapEx and OpEx by limiting the number of servers that need to be deployed.

The PCIe-8130 features up to 12 Octasic OCT3032 DSPs with Vocallo firmware with a rich set of CODEC transcoding functions.

  • Modular solution allowing you to scale with additional PCIe accelerators as the subscriber base grows
  • Deployable as a centralized cloud solution or in central offices at the edge of the network
  • Easy to use packet-based API reducing development time and allowing faster time to revenue
  • PCIe form factor allows the accelerator to be deployed in almost any server platform
  • SR-IOV Virtualization
  • Configurations with 4, 6 or 12 Octasic OCT3032 DSPs
  • Full- or half-length by full-height versions
  • Octasic Vocallo firmware
    • Broad CODEC support
    • Field proven in carrier networks
    • Echo cancellation and voice quality enhancement
    • Packet-based API