Smart Embedded PCIE-7217

Smart Embedded PCIE-7217
Smart Embedded PCIE-7217Smart Embedded PCIE-7217Smart Embedded PCIE-7217
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The PCIE-7217 is designed specifically to operate in SMART EC’s 4U extended height MaxCore™ MC4100 platform providing maximum gaming density.

  • Up to 15 PCIE-7217 cards for a total of 30 Intel Core i7-8705G processor complexes or a combination of 15 SMART EC or standard 3rd party PCIe cards
  • PCIe fabric that can operate as a single domain or be split into multiple PCIe domains
  • A second edge connector in each slot that accommodates features unique to many of SMART EC’s PCIe cards
    • Cable-less auxiliary power
    • Embedded Gigabit Ethernet network to each slot
    • Additional I/O such as SATA or USB that can be routed from the management CPU PCIe card to the front panel of MaxCore™ platform
  • Up to four 1100W AC power supplies
  • Redundant hotswap fans
  • 4U x 508mm for mounting in a standard 19” rack

The SMART Embedded Computing PCIE-7217 has been designed specifically to work in SMART EC’s 4U extended height MaxCore™ platform (MC4100), taking advantage of special features like a second connector for cable-free auxiliary power and integrated 1G Ethernet for a management network.

Built into the Intel® Core™ i7-8705G are two GPUs; the Intel® HD Graphics 630 and the AMD Radeon™ RX Vega M GL. This CPU with dual-GPU architecture allows the PCIE-7217 card to simultaneously service multiple gamers at different resolutions. Each processor complex has a dedicated M.2 for local storage of large game libraries. Each processor also optionally has up to 512GB soldered-down SSD for OS or other uses.