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Renice Technology 3U VPX SSD

Renice Technology 3U VPX SSD
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The 3U VPX SSD from Renice Technology makes use of their own-developed RS3502-IT controller with ECC up to 80bit@1KByte. Maximum capacity for MLC is 4TB and 2TB for SLC. The product is ideal for data sensitive applications. On board there are 56 military grade tantalum capacitors to support power failure protection.

REN Backup

rBackup (Rapid Backup) refers to a technique that flush data stored in DDR into NAND Flash within a very short period of time. It is developed by Renice Technology to solve the problem that regular power failure protecting mechanism (based on super capacitor or tantalum capacitor) does not work when capacitor ages.

Mainstream SSD deploy SDRAM or DDR to improve the R/W speed. That will have the issue of data loss or mapping table coruption when sudden power failure occurs. To guarantee the data integrity, usually SSD makers design a power failure protecting mechanism based on Super-Capacitor or Tantalum Capacitor, which will work as backup power for SSD in power failure circumstances. This design seems to be perfect to balance the performance and reliability. However there is a potential hazard behind it. Both Super-Capacitor and Tantalum Capacitor keep aging as charge & discharge times increase. Common warranty period from SSD makers is 3 to 5 years, which apparently does not take this problem into account.

Let's assume that the power of a Tantalum Capacitor becomes only 50% of initial design as it ages. Is that enough to power the SSD to write all data in SDRAM into NAND Flash? If the answer is no, it might cause damages to SSD as below.

  • Mapping Table under updating is lost and whole SSD crashes.
  • Data stored in SDRAM is lost.
  • If there are frequent power-failures, False add-on Bad Block will significantly increase.

These issues are all threats to SSD reliability, which can not be accepted in critical applications.

To get rid of such potential hazards, Renice Technology developed rBackup technique, the time needed to flush data from DDR into NAND Flash is shortened by 50%~70%. Renice Technology has acquired patent on this method, named as "A technique and system to implement quick backup of SSD data under abnormal power failure circumstance".

rBackup will be primarily deployed in Renice X9 series Solid-State drives, including SATA, R-SATA, VPX, etc.

Renice Technology 3U VPX storage card supports Linux, Windows, CS2C Neokylin and virtualized OS.

Burn NAND Flash to destroy SSD

When it comes to sensitive data in the military field, for example, software data deletion or overwriting can not completely exclude recovery. The physical destruction of the storage media, usually the NAND flash, is a more reliable method from the point of view of data security. Renice now provides such a technique to burn the NAND flash and ensure that no SSD data can be recovered as soon as the client activates the destruction.

It is important that all NAND Flash components are destroyed. If there are 16 NAND Flash components and fewer are destroyed, data can possibly be traced from the other components.

Renice's developed a technique that all NAND Flash components are destroyed by burning through.

See this lab video