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Red Rock Technologies RRT-525SFS-SN-R-CFast™

Red Rock Technologies RRT-525SFS-SN-R-CFast™
Red Rock Technologies RRT-525SFS-SN-R-CFast™Red Rock Technologies RRT-525SFS-SN-R-CFast™
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The 5.25” SCSI 50-pin Narrow with removable CFast™ is a proprietary FPGA based design that provides a long term solution for replacement of obsolete SCSI floppy, tape (DAT), magneto optical (MO), CD, DVD and PC card drives.

Designed to provide mechanical form, fit, function replacement for COTS 5 ¼” SCSI MO drives.

The design provides a transparent interface from the SCSI bus to a COTS CFast™ card.

Custom firmware provided for SCSI systems that require specific SCSI command  responses, capacities or sector sizes.  A built-in debug monitor can be used to diagnose and update firmware.


  • Drop in replacement for obsolete 50-pin Narrow SCSI drives
  • Standard 5.25” form factor, mechanically the same as COTS SCSI MO drives
  • Capacities currently up to 512GB; options for custom CFast™ capacities
  • Ultra SCSI transfer rates up to 20 MB/s
  • Single Ended (SE) interface
  • Emulations for SCSI floppy, SCSI magneto optical (MO), SCSI CD, SCSI DVD, SCSI DAT tape and SCSI PC card
  • Compatible with CPUs with a SCSI SE controller
  • SCSI termination can be enabled within unit
  • No additional software required
  • CFast™ with write protect switch available
  • SCSI ID selection 0 – 7
  • ROHS compliant