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Red Rock Technlogies RRT-3UVPX-PCIe-R

Red Rock Technlogies RRT-3UVPX-PCIe-R
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For applications that require the frequent removal of SSD, the 3U VPX Removable PCIe drive module is recommended. It consists of 2 components; the 3U VPX carrier board with PCI express (PCIe) interface that mounts in the 3U VPX chassis and the removable SATA drive module. The connectors between the drive module and the carrier are rated for 100,000 mating cycles to support frequent insertions/removals.

The drive module can use any COTS 2.5” SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) providing capacities up to 2TB and sustained transfer rates of up to 500 MB/S. Option for discrete controlled secure erase


  • PCIe Gen 2 x 2 interface to VPX backplane
  • OpenVPX Thin Pipe (TP) storage module profile MOD-3-PER-1T- or 2
  • 3U VPX Storage VITA 46, 47, 48, 65
  • Provides boot disk and/or disk storage
  • Conduction or air cooled versions
  • Rugged removable module connectors rated for 100,000 mating cycles
  • Uses COTS 2.5” SATA drives for wide range of options
  • Options for discrete controlled secure erase
  • Robust design for extreme temperature, shock & vibration environments
  • High performance SATA transfer rates up to 500 MB/S
  • VxWorks™, Linux and Windows™ drivers available