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EDT VisionLink XF Camera Link to fiber extender | base to 80-bit modes



  • Extender adapts Camera Link modes (base through 80-bit) over fiber
  • Supports base through 80-bit mode up to 85 MHz
  • Joins with a second extender to form a fiber-optic extension system
  • Enables remote operation (tens to thousands of meters from host computer)
  • Provides electrical isolation of camera from host
  • Supports triggering / serial via Camera Link or externally via optional Lemo

The VisionLink XF is a remote extender for Camera Link base through extended full mode, over fiberoptic cabling. The camera can be tens to thousands of meters from the host computer, depending on the cabling and transceivers.

The VisionLink XF supports data rates up to 850 MB/s and pixel clock rates of 20-85 MHz.

Two VisionLink XFs combine to form an extension system between the camera and an EDT or third-party Camera Link framegrabber. Through the SDR26 connectors on each device, one extender attaches to the camera and the other to the framegrabber. A fiberoptic cable connects the two extenders via the SFP+ transceiver on the back of each.

Triggering / serial is provided via Camera Link, or externally via an optional Lemo connector.

Datasheet VisionLink XF

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