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  • Simultaneous acquisition and tracking of multiple satellite constellations, including GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, and QZSS
  • Exceptional sensitivity even in dense foliage and urban canyons
  • Low power consumption/maximum run time
  • Small (50mm x 72mm) Form Factor
  • 15 second cold start
  • Fast Time To First Fix
  • High-performance RF architecture acquires and tracks signals as low as 161dBm
  • Compatible with wide range of external antennas
  • Low profile and vibration resistant
  • Battery-backed SRAM
  • Standard NMEA data output
  • 1 Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) signal available

The WinSystems GNSS/GPS Receiver Module is a self-contained, high performance Global Navigation Satellite System receiver based on the MediaTek 3337 chip set. While consuming less power than competitive products, the 3337 chip set can still simultaneously acquire and track up to 33 satellites in the GNSS constellation. These include the United States GPS System, Europe’s GALILEO, Russia’s GLONASS, and Japan’s QZSS. Small and lightweight, with minimal power demand, this high performance module is ideal for a variety of applications such as security/loss prevention, surveying, logistics, fleet management, tracking, positioning and navigation. Augment your new or existing infrastructure with the next generation of global satellite navigation.

Datasheet IO60-GNSS