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SENSORAY Model 2960 Audio/video processing engine

SENSORAY Model 2960 Audio/video processing engine


  • Ultra compact 4.8 x 2.5 cm and lightweight 6.2 g
  • Captures up to 1920 x 1200 video at 30 fps
  • Captures JPEG snapshots up to 4096 x 3104
  • USB port supports device and host modes
  • Includes 100Mb Ethernet, serial COM, I²C and 6 GPIOs
  • SD Card interface

SENSORAY's 2960 "Dragon" is a compact, lightweight board that serves as a foundational building block in HD/SD video and audio processing systems. Packed into its tiny footprint is a powerful audio/video processing engine with a controller and stream router, SD card interface, six GPIOs, and USB (device or host mode), Ethernet, serial COM, and I²C communication interfaces. It has one input and one output for HD/SD digital video, a stereo digital audio input and output, and a composite NTSC/PAL output.

2960 block diagram

SENSORAY Model 2960 blockdiagram

Custom solutions without the NRE

When combined with our proven IP blocks, the Dragon's high performance and versatile architecture enables us to quickly create complex A/V systems. This allows us to deliver fully custom solutions with low or no design fees — even to OEMs with modest volume requirements.

Development process

Based on your requirements, Sensoray will design firmware for the Dragon that implements your desired functionality and a carrier board with the connectors and circuitry you specify and deliver the integrated solution with a flexible API. For higher volumes, Sensoray can integrate the Dragon's circuitry into a custom single board solution to further reduce size, weight and cost. A wide range of functions are available, which can be mixed and matched to provide the exact feature set you need. Popular functions include:

A/V processor functions
  • Real time text and graphics overlay
  • Low latency H.264 and JPEG video compression up to 1920x1200p30
  • High resolution JPEG snapshots
  • MP4, AVI, transport stream formatting
  • Dual asymmetric output streams
  • AAC and G.711 audio compression
  • Image stabilization
  • Frame rate decimation
  • Interlacing/deinterlacing
  • Video scaling, mirroring and rotation
System controller functions
  • IP stream server
  • File server with SD card / USB flash storage
  • HTTP server
  • Serial COM bridge
  • Remote and locally controlled GPIOs
  • Camera control server

The 2960 Dragon is more than just a powerful A/V building block used by our customers. As the following examples show, it can also be found at the core of some of Sensoray's most popular standard products. Just to name a few.

  • Miniature HD camera with IP stream server and POE
  • Embeddable DVR
  • HD IP Video Server, SDI or DVI compatible
  • HD overlay engine
  • HD video server with DVR and Wi-Fi
  • HD video + audio server with PoE
  • UAV video server with camera control
  • Asymmetric dual stream HD video/audio capture
  • Pipeline inspection HD video capture and ROV controller bridge
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