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PMA-P adapter board

PMA-P adapter board
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  • 32 and 64-bit PCI Bus compatibility
  • Test Points and Power LEDs
  • Optional VME P2 connector
  • PCI/PMC JTAG port connector
  • Passive (bridgeless) design
  • Full 64-bit data path to PMC connectors

The , PMC to CPCI and PMC to PC/104+ adapters enable the use of the PMC650 or PMC850 bus analyzers in PCI, CompactPCI and PC/104+ systems. The PMC analyzer plugs onto the adapter and then the mated adapter and analyzer plug into a PCI, CompactPCI or PC/104+ system. These passive adapters route the bus signals from the analyzer to the bus with minimal trace length and impedance matching. The adapters provide the full 64 bit interconnect between the analyzer and the bus.