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SENSORAY Model 4011 Embeddable DVR with integrated microphone

SENSORAY Model 4011 Embeddable DVR with integrated microphone


  • Customizable user interface
  • Supports simultaneous recording to 2 USB devices
  • Captures JPEG snapshots without video interruption
  • Wireless operation with external WiFi adapter
  • Real-time video overlay of date and time
  • On-board microphone
  • Clock/calendar with battery backup

Model 4011 is a compact digital video recorder (DVR) designed for embedded OEM applications. It records audio and video (A/V) to USB storage media and can capture JPEG images on-the-fly without interrupting recording. Its A/V outputs allow live video, recorded A/V or JPEG snapshots to be displayed on an external monitor. Date and time are maintained by a real-time clock with battery backup. To implement a complete embedded DVR simply connect power, your own custom keypad and a USB storage device.

Other members of Sensoray's 4000-series embeddable DVRs include Model 4013, which has dual incremental encoder interfaces, and Model 4023 for HD video.

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SEN Model4011 diag block


To create a wireless DVR, simply plug a USB WiFi adapter into one of the board's USB ports. SENSORAY offers approved WiFi adapters for this purpose (see Accessories tab for details). This allows phones, tablets and laptops to view video and control recording and playback, and also enables the DVR to be operated without a monitor or keypad, which saves space and reduces cost.

Wireless DVR with WA0001 WiFi adapter, transmitting pipeline inspection video to a tablet

SEN 4011 wifiantennae wtablet

Stream formats

The board encodes standard NTSC/PAL composite video using efficient H.264 compression. Audio from the onboard microphone is digitized and compressed using AAC encoding. The compressed A/V streams are multiplexed and recorded as MP4 files on a user-supplied USB storage device, with file names automatically generated by the real-time clock. Bit rates can be tailored to match application requirements and storage capacity.

Video overlay

The text overlay generator can position the current date and time anywhere in the video frame. The date and time text is automatically updated every video frame. Custom text may be entered via a standard USB keyboard (not included).

USB storage

An external USB storage device is required for DVR operation. If desired, a second USB storage device may also be connected and the DVR will simultaneously record to both devices. A common application for this is recording to a removable device while creating an archival copy on a non-removable device. USB connectors are located on both sides of the board to facilitate connection to both removable and embedded storage devices.

User interface

The DVR's user interface consists of a user-supplied keypad working in conjunction with the board's flexible on-screen menu system. Each keypad connector pin can be routed directly to any keypad switch and configured to match the control scheme of your custom keypad. If preferred, a standard keyboard can be plugged into any USB port and used to control the DVR, which allows custom text entry for video overlays.


USB WiFi Adapters

Model 4011 has been specifically designed to work with the following USB WiFi adapters (Note: other WiFi adapters are not guaranteed to work with Model 4011):

Medium-range Adapter

Model WA0001 is a Wireless N USB adapter with a high-gain, omni-directional 5dBi antenna, and 802.11b/g/n wireless protocols.

SENSORAY Model4011 Medium-range WiFi adapter

Short-range Adapter
Model WA0000 is a wireless USB nano network adapter with 802.11b/g/n wireless protocols.

SENSORAY Model4011 short range WiFi adapter

Consists of one power cable, one audio in/out cable, and two video cables..

Input NTSC/PAL, composite, 75 Ω
Output NTSC/PAL, composite, 75 Ω
Input Built-in microphone
Output Line, stereo
Recorded formats
Resolution 720 x 480 @ 30 fps (NTSC)
720 x 576 @ 25 fps (PAL)
Video compression H.264, HP @ L3
Video snapshot JPEG
Audio compression AAC
Output file format MP4
Keypad interface 9 GPIOs, reconfigurable
Power 12 V DC (± 4 V), 2.5 W
Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C
Mechanical dimensions 3.25 x 2.375 x 0.875 inches
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