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SENSORAY Model 2410 48-channel digital I/O interface with Ethernet

SENSORAY Model 2410 48-channel digital I/O interface with Ethernet


  • Controls/monitors 48 digital signals over Ethernet
  • PWM output mode
  • Programmable input debounce
  • Input edge detection with asynchronous host notification
  • Compatible with standard solid state relay racks
  • Embedded HTTP and Telnet servers

Model 2410 is a compact open-frame module that interfaces 48 general-purpose TTL/CMOS compatible digital input/output (DIO) signals to a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. It features advanced signal processing functions that reduce the host computer's burden in measurement and control applications.

SENSORAY Model 2410 blockdiagram
The module communicates through its built-in web and telnet servers, using telnet for automation applications and an embedded web site for configuration, manual control, and diagnostics. Precompiled API libraries are provided for Linux and Windows, along with open source (C language) code to enable porting and customization.

SENSORAY Model 2410 screenshot
SENSORAY Model 2410 screenshot
The unit has a small footprint, requires only a single 24VDC power source, and can be quickly and easily mounted by snapping it onto a standard DIN mounting rail. It will interface directly to many standard solid state relay racks, and it has an auxiliary power output that is capable of supplying 5VDC power to solid state relay racks or other modest external loads.

DIO Functions

Each open-collector DIO channel can operate as an input, an output, or in wired-or mode. A number of special functions such as debounce, edge detection, and PWM output, are available on each channel. All channels are synchronized to a common 1KHz clock to guarantee true state machine behavior. An LED indicates each channel's physical state.

SENSORAY Model 2410 block diagram of one DIO channel
Software debounce can be enabled for any input signal, with debounce interval ranging from 0 to 255 milliseconds. Also, edge detection and capture may be enabled for any input signal and, if desired, asynchronous notification messages (i.e., "interrupts") will be sent to an Ethernet client when edge events are captured.

Outputs are capable of 24mA active-low output drive, and internal pull-up resistors are provided for all channels. Each output channel may be independently configured to function in the conventional fashion (directly controlled by Ethernet clients) or as a PWM generator with one millisecond resolution.

Signal Connections

A standard 50 pin header is provided for connecting the module to external solid-state relay racks or custom OEM signal distribution systems.

Model 2410 controlling a solid state relay rack

SENSORAY Model 2410 controlling a solid state relay rack

 Model 2410 with a 7505TDIN screw terminal breakout board

SENSORAY Model 2410 with a 7505TDIN screw terminal breakout board

SENSORAY also offers the Model 2410TA termination board, which can be top-mounted to the module to add convenient field wiring terminal blocks without enlarging the module's footprint. The spring-loaded terminals allow quick connection of 24-16 gauge wires.

Model 2410TA zero-footprint, top-mounting termination board.

SENSORAY Model 2410 with a 7505TDIN screw terminal breakout board

Model 2410TA zero-footprint, top-mounting termination board

Model 2410TA zero-footprint, top-mounting termination board

LabVIEW Demo

In addition to the standard API, Sensoray provides a LabVIEW application which demonstrates how to interact with the 2410.

SENSORAY Labview demoSENSORAY Labview demo

General Purpose Digital I/O
Digital Inputs Input type 5V TTL/CMOS compatible
Off state input voltage +2.0 to +5.25 VDC
On state input voltage 0.0V to +0.8 VDC
Input impedance 10 kΩ
Sample rate 1 KHz
Debounce period 0 to 255 ms, 1ms resolution
Digital Outputs Output type Active low, open collector with 10 kΩ pullup resistor to internal 5V
Output current, on state 24mA maximum
PWM resolution 1 ms on-time, 1 ms off-time (max. frequency = 500 Hz)
Communications Interface
Network Physical layer 10BaseT, 100BaseTx Ethernet
Bit rate 10/100 Mbps, auto-detecting
Isolation 1500Vrms
Protocols ARP, HTTP, ICMP, IPv4, TCP, Telnet
Configuration Programmable via HTTP (static ARP): IP address, netmask, gateway
HTTP Server Concurrent sessions 1
Functions Status, configuration, I/O monitor/control
TELNET Server Concurrent sessions 3
Inactivity timeout 5 minutes (default, programmable via HTTP), programmable per session
Power and Environmental
Module Power Input power 24VDC ±5% @90mA (digital outputs off, no external loads)
Auxiliary Power Output Voltage +5VDC &plusn;5%, referenced to module input power supply return
Current 400 mA maximum
Temperature Operating range -25 to 85 °C
Module Dimensions Outer dimensions (W x H x D): 4.1 x 5.0 x 2.2 inches
W = overall DIN rail length
D = module height from DIN rail back panel; additional clearance required for field wiring.
Mating Connectors
(not included)
ETH RJ-45 plug, AMP 554169 or equivalent
DIO 50-pin socket, Tyco 1-1658621-0 or equivalent
AUXPWR Molex 22-01-3047 with 08-50-0114 pin contact (4), or equivalent
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