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Penguin Edge XMCSPAN

Penguin Edge XMCSPAN


  • Single-slot 6U VMEbus format
  • PLX PEX8533 PCI Express 6-port switch
  • Tundra Tsi384 PCI Express to PCI-X interface bridges
  • Support for two single-wide, or one double-wide XMC or PMC per XMCspan
  • Stacking capability
  • Front-panel I/O
  • Single 4-lane interface with P15 connector for XMCs
  • Injector/ejector handles per VME64 extensions
  • Compatible with SMART EC's MVME7100 and MVME4100 VMEbus SBCs

The XMCspan board from Penguin Edge allows users to customize and expand I/O options when coupled with the MVME7100 and MVME4100 single-board computers (SBCs).

When two XMCspan boards are coupled with an MVME7100 or MVME4100, the XMCspan boards add up to four single-wide XMC slots, or four single-wide PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMCs) slots, or two double-wide XMC slots, or two double-wide PMC slots, or a combination of both XMC modules and PMC modules. (Note: This is in addition to the two single-wide PMC slots or one double-wide PMC slot on the SBC board.).

This feature allows for flexibility in design and a path for future scalability. The XMCspan is a standard 6U single-slot VMEbus module that connects to its VMEbus SBC board via a PCI Express expansion connector. It supports front panel I/O access for customer supplied XMCs and/or PMCs. Additionally, the XMCspan supports a single 4-lane interface with the P15 connector for XMCs.

Datasheet XMCspan

AET VMEbeyond2025

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