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CJB SoftPLC package

CJB SoftPLC package
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PowerPLC-Bridge is the key solution for anyone who needs to control machine tools, plants, processes, anything where AXIS-Control, fast closed loops, regulations, complex logics and axis control demand for very high system performance and 100% deterministic behaviour. But also Building Automation and many more.
More, if you need to expand your system's capabilities with your own designed C/C++ s/w, you will be able to do it very easily with CJB's PowerPLC-Bridge.

Embedded Scada
PowerPLC-Bridge delivers an embedded SCADA which you find for free, and which makes you able to design user-friendly HMI interfaces, which can run on the same PC (if it has a video/LCD interface) or onto another (Panel)PC to be used as operator interface. It’s a big plus you cannot find elsewhere. And a big saving of time and money.

Portable to other uP Platforms
CJB gives you all the support for porting the PowerPLC-Bridge RunTime to other uP platforms (like XSCALE or ARM). Distributed automation, local intelligent units, can be setup keeping the same overall friendlyness and performance of PowerPLC-Bridge.

To Know More
PowerPLC-Bridge is always a step ahead, when compared to good old PowerPLC (and also to many other competitor SoftPLC’s): it's much more powerful, it's much faster, since it uses 100% all the power of a PC platform.
It's also easy to program, very easy to debug, extremely user friendly.
PowerPLC-Bridge is the right tool for designing all your hard-real-time automation and axis control applications.