EDT PCI GS Main Board

EDT PCI GS Main Board
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The PCI GS is a PCI main board that provides powerful high-speed DMA, memory, and programmable FPGA resources. It is designed to support any one of numerous EDT mezzanine boards.

The PCI GS has a programmable FPGA (Xilinx Virtex II Pro XC2VP50 or XC2VP70, with two on-chip PowerPC processors) and synchronous memory of up to 8 MB SRAM and up to 1 GB 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 DRAM.

The board also has four independent programmable PLL clock generators, which can be set to select frequencies with less than +/- 50 ppm error.

An EDT ATA Bridge is available to connect two main boards.

System must have a PCI or PCI-X bus, 66 MHz or faster (33 MHz will work, but at reduced data rates). See system requirements.