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  • New, drop-in replacement for obsolete SCSI drives
  • Available in Narrow, Wide Differential, and LVD (low voltage differential)
  • Capacities currently up to 4TB
  • Custom capacities are available for systems that require exact capacity value
  • Custom sector sizes available
  • Extended temperature options are available
  • Rugged options for high shock and vibration environments
  • Options for discrete controlled military secure erase
  • SCSI termination can be enabled within the unit on some models

We offer new SCSI SSDs for replacement of obsolete SCSI drives, SSDs, Magneto Optical, and tape drives with SE, LVD, and Differential interface. Red Rock Technologies specializes in supporting customers' legacy SCSI systems with custom solutions to allow their product to be drop-in replacement without modification of the legacy system. They have proprietary FPGA-based technology that they developed for use on their VME boards and have honed over 20 years to provide maximum capability with a wide range of SCSI systems. They can analyze, troubleshoot, and provide custom firmware solutions for difficult SCSI systems. They have successfully integrated their products with industrial, military, and telecommunications companies around the world.

Contact Parhelia to verify which replacement drives are available or find out more about custom options.