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WinSystems Introduces three Open Frame Panel PCs for Industrial Applications

Fan-less SBCs, touchscreens, and flat panels operate from -20° to +70°C.ws_ppc2.jpg

Designed to eliminate the confusing, ill-defined, and time consuming issues of flat panel integration, WinSystems introduces a family of open frame color flat panel PCs to speed a customer's project time-to-market. An ever increasing number of OEMs require ready-to-mount flat panel display subsystems as the man-machine interface (MMI) in applications such as test instrumentation, medical devices, machine control, homeland security, transportation, and kiosks. A Panel PC handles all the messy and time consuming issues of flat panel integration -- signal timing, cabling, rapidly changing panel types, touch screens, video BIOS parameters, inverters, etc. while wrapping it in a sturdy metal frame.

WinSystems' Panel PC consists of a color TFT flat panel display, Pentium-class single board computer (SBC), and touchscreen mounted in an open aluminum frame. The open frame chassis permits flexible mounting options for the system OEMs and integrators with content-rich applications. It supports standard operating systems such as Windows XPe and Linux plus x86-based real time executives, utilities, and drivers. The back of the Panel PC is designed for easy access and connection to I/O and power cables.

"The genesis of this product is from multiple requests from our customers to provide an operator interface packaged as a system component," said Robert A. Burckle, Vice-President of WinSystems. "A Panel PC puts all the pieces together in a compact, rugged form for use as a display subsystem for factory automation or industrial instrumentation."

WinSystems currently offers three sizes of displays: 6.5-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch. The displays are from Optrex which provide crisp image quality on a thin flat screen with minimal distortion. Each provides high luminance, a wide viewing angle, and excellent contrast ratio to ensure color fidelity and superior gray scaling. Resolutions vary by screen size from 640 x 480 VGA for a small 6.5-in unit to 1024 x 768 XGA for a 15-inch unit. An anti-reflective coating has been applied to reduce surface reflectivity to make them easier to read in high ambient light environments.

Each Panel PC has a SBC and resistive touchscreen that matches the physical size and processing power for the appropriate display screen. Also there are long-life, CCFL backlights that are field replaceable. The Panel PC is RoHS compliant.

6.5" Touchscreen Panel PC
12.1" Touchscreen Panel PC
15" Touchscreen Panel PC