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Sensoray Introduces PCI-Express 8-Channel Frame Grabber

Sensoray Model812Simultaneous capture 8 channels of NTSC/PAL video and 8 channels of audio.

Sensoray is proud to announce a new powerful frame grabber with eight asynchronous input channels and a high-speed PCI-Express x1 interface. With the Model 812 PCI-Express 8-Channel Frame Grabber, each video channel captures at full frame rate of 30 fps (for NTSC) or 25 fps (for PAL), which results in an aggregate frame rate of up to 240 fps (for NTSC) or 200 fps (for PAL). Associatively, eight channels of mono audio can be captured as well.
The board implements a PCI-Express x1 interface that facilitates plug Et play operation into any width of PCI-Express slots. All operating power is supplied from the PCI-Express bus and no external power supply is needed. It is a complete hardware solution for applications such as high performance image capture, multi-camera security applications, and for product inspection, etc.

The captured video data can be streamed continuously to system memory or disk for either immediate local display or further processing. All 8 composite video inputs are connected through a DB15 connector, or through an optional DB15-to-BNC breakout cable. An additional 34-pin connector can be used for breaking-in the all composite video input signals. Video capture resolutions include D1, VGA, QVGA, CIF, 4CIF, SIF, and 4SIF. Captured frames can be in YUYV, YUV420, or RGB555/RGB565 formats. Similarly, DB15 connector and in-one 34-pin connector are provided for audio inputs. The audio sampling rate can be at 8K, 16K, 32K, 44.1K, or 48K Hz.

Sensoray provides an SDK for the Model 812 that includes drivers and programming samples for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

ABOUT Sensoray
Sensoray designs and manufactures OEM electronics for video imaging, data acquisition, and machine control. Offering drivers for Windows or Linux, and live technical support, Sensoray is committed to helping ensure easy and rapid development.