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Sensoray Highlights Model 3011 Miniature 13 Megapixel HD IP Camera with H.264 Compression

Advanced features and ultra - tough packaging make the camera ideal for security and surveillance


Sensoray announces its Model 3011 miniature HD IP camera, ideal for security, surveillance and monitoring. Featuring a robust 2.25 xSEN Model3011S 2.00 x 1.20 inch enclosure, including the lens, the Model 3011 can produce an H.264 or JPEG compressed stream at resolutions up to 1080 lines at 30 frames per second (fps), and two simultaneous streams at lower resolutions. The camera produces 13 megapixel JPEG snapshots at 5 fps and supports resolutions up to 4192 x 3104.


The Model 3011 is equipped with a variety of advanced features, including autofocus, auto white balance, image stabilization, and ultra-tough packaging. It consumes less than 3 Watts of power using
power over Ethernet (POE) or an external 5 V power supply. A high-sensitivity complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor combined with an advanced
image processor delivers excellent video and still image quality.


The camera performs efficient H.264 video compression (HP@L3) and outputs the compressed video in MP4, transport stream, or AVI formats. Two separate output streams —
each with independently configurable resolution and bitrate — can be generated for some combinations of resolutions.


Built-in overlay generators allow up to 160 text characters to be positioned anywhere in the video frame. A unique text string, consisting of mixed constant and variable text, may be defined for each
overlay generator. Such text variables as time, date, and frame count are automatically updated every video frame.


The Model 3011 has a powerful and configurable web interface , with a built-in web server that facilitates device configuration and control, user management, and live stream previewing using any
web browser. Each output stream can be directed to a specific network address for remote recording or display with a player application such as VLC media player.