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Polar Warrior Wide Temperature - 2U 19″ Rugged Computer

ev_jpc-8202.pngEvoc's JPC-8202 is a 2U rack-mount vehicle-mount rugged computer. It adopts low-power Core™ 2 Duo half-size CPU card and HPE-6104E1 backplane, it supports PCI, PCI-E expansion; 2 x hard disk anti-vibration bay; 1 x 2.5″ wide-temperature hard disk and 1 x wide-temperature ATX power supply. All the I/O ports are connected via aviation sockets, which facilitates I/O port replacement for different expansion card applications. The product features low-power, high-performance, excellent expandability, anti-vibration, wide-temperature, anti-damp, anti-mildew and anti-salt fog environmental performance. It also complies with GJB 322A requirements for vehicle-mount rugged computers; the EMC performance complies with GJB 151A requirements for land force devices. The product is suitable for audio and video data acquisition and processing, measurement control and communication in vehicle-mount applications of land forces and land applications of air forces.