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OneBank™ module with Eight 16-Bit Differential ADC Channels

OneBank™ module with Eight 16-Bit Differential ADC Channels

Embedded computing pioneer WINSYSTEMS introduced a versatile data acquisition option for PCle/104™ OneBank™ and PC/104 Express embedded computing systems. Its new PX1-I440-ADC module, scheduled for release in Q3 2020, extends capabilities for the company’s own single board computers, such as the Intel® E3900-powered PX1-C415, as well as CPUs from other PC/104 suppliers.

“Not only does our 16-bit PX1-I440-ADC provide the flexibility of reading eight different voltage ranges, but it also supports inputs for 4-20mA current loop devices, with optional high-precision resistors populated onboard,” said WINSYSTEMS’ Technical Sales Director George T. Hilliard. “Users will appreciate its accuracy and adaptability in reading analog signals from different sensors, transducers, and other devices with varying interface voltages. This is especially critical for applications that provide information to control processes, vehicles, and manufacturing.”

This space-efficient extension of WINSYSTEMS’ I/O module offerings is based on the Linear Technology LTC2335-16 Analog-to-Digital converter. It supplies the features most requested by designers of industrial systems who otherwise have to resort to external devices or multiple adapters to attain the same functionality. The PX1-I440-ADC module accommodates eight differential inputs with the following voltage ranges: 0V to 5V, OV to 5.12V, ±5V, ±5.12V, OV to 10V, OV to 10.24V, ±10V and ±10.24V.

Long-term performance and accuracy in extended temperatures

“This fully-featured yet affordable module in the PC104 form factor with PCIe/104™ OneBank™ expansion also offers a -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range and availability of 10 years plus,” added Hilliard. “So it clearly satisfies the reliability and functional specifications required for industrial IoT, transportation, energy management, industrial automation, and medical diagnostics applications.”

In addition to this ADC’s eight differential channels and optional 4-20mA inputs, WINSYSTEMS’ PX1-I440-ADC offers 16-bit resolution. Custom populations are available for OEMs requiring different configurations from the standard products.

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