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New! XMC 1.8" Removable SATA Drive Module


Red Rock Technologies, since 1993 designer and manufacturer of high grade quality drive products for military, telecom and industrial applications, released the XMC front panel removable 1.8" SSD mezzarrt xmc 18snine. The product make use of COTS 1.8" SATA SSDs for a wide range of options. Current capacities are up to 2TB. Making use of a high performance PCIe Gen2 SATA3 controller, the product provide outstanding performance and is backwards compatible with SATA 1 and 2. The mezzanine meets XMC VITA 42 height requirements and is com patible for any air cooled SBC with an XMC slot. Drivers are available for VxWorks®, Linux® and Windows®. For the -X version all parts are rated for -40C to 85C, no parts derating.